Steam Carpet Cleaning
& Restoration Services


About A-Team

A-Team has serviced thousands of commercial and residential properties all over El Paso for over 15 years. We offer high-end carpet cleaning, water extraction, and mold remediation. We service 24-hour emergency water damage restoration.

Our Services

A-Team guarantees clients get the best cleaning services possible. It is important for us to build a strong and lasting relationship with our customers. A-Team makes sure to protect your investment so you never have to go to b-team again.


El Paso, TX residential and commercial services.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning. A clean carpet is more visual pleasing. Getting your carpet cleaned frequently helps your carpet last longer. We do the best job in removing the most difficult stains and odors from your carpet.  We use hot water extraction which is the most effective carpet cleaning method that provides a deeper clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture gets a great deal of use over time. With time it may accumulate dirt and dust, stains, grease, and unpleasant smells. All which could be hard to get rid of with home cleaning solutions. We perform hot steam cleaning to remove the most difficult stains and smells. Performing regular cleaning will help keep your furniture looking and feeling like new.

Water Extraction

Emergency 24/7 water extraction for residential and commercial properties. It is important to take action right away so no further damages is done to your property. We make sure to properly dry out and disinfect your the damaged areas to prevent the growth of mold. Our professionals can even handle the insurance process and directly bill your insurance company.

Mold Remediation

Mold should never be taken lightly. Mold could present hazardous health risks to humans after prolonged exposure, including allergic reactions, poisoning, and causing fungal infection. Not to mention the decomposing of matter done by mold. Detecting mold early can significantly reduce the cost to remediate and repair the damages that the mold has caused.